Things to Know When Starting Yoga

Maybe someone has told that your should start yoga, but you are not quite sure where to begin. Here is the essential guide for newbies; These are the things you don’t need to start a yoga practice; a certain body shape, being…


Yoga Music

Here is a collection of my favourite songs for Savansana or when you just want to chill, Enjoy! Every thing by Snatam Kaur. This Kundalini Goddess can hit a beautiful note and has bought me to tears a few times; My…

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Yoga Gear

So you want to do yoga and look the part? Here is my go to people for all things yoga. The Mat In New Zealand try Eco Yoga store. The stock a range of mats which I particularly love called…

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Little Miss Perfect

I  could feel the insidious warmth of the complaints leave my mind and set sail from my mouth. The flies in the house, the family that leaves everything lying around, the house that looks like a bomb site, the bottom…

namaste bro

Namaste Bro

The loose translation of Namaste is the light in me recognises the light in you which in essence means that we are all connected through energy, source, spirit or whatever you define is a greater being than our self (small…

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Junk in the Trunk

As I sat on my overstuffed suitcase attempting to zip it up I contemplated if I really needed those hotel shampoos, soaps and moisturizers. Maybe I should take them out? Or maybe I should leave them ‘just in case’. Zipping…


Green Eyed Monster

When someone announces  some good in their life, some success or triumph how do you react? Most likely if it has nothing to do with what you want, your path, goals, aspiration or dreams you are thrilled and you can share…

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Spiritual Joy

Today I bought some red roses. I admire them on the hour every hour the color and beauty of them bring me so much joy. Buddhist psychology has a word for joy ‘Mudita’. Mudita means finding joy in every moment…

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Turning up the Bright

As we enter the new year there will be many resolutions made as to how to live our life better. Maybe we will give up something or take something up. The act of either suggesting that we are not quite…

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